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Chemical engineering plays a crucial role in Western Australia’s two largest industries, minerals and oil and gas, in addition to the associated processing industries.

Each of these industries, which are respectively worth $36 billion, $18 billion and $15 billion, is energy-intensive and has a huge impact on the environment through the use of non-renewable energy sources.

Until recently, however, there had been no significant research and development programs in WA in the areas of energy and fuel utilisation, combustion science and technology, emission control and climate change, other than the Centre for Fuels and Energy at Curtin University.

R&D in these areas can offer both economical and environmental benefits to, and assist with the sustainable development of, the above industries. As part of its work in this area, the Centre uses an array of high-technology machines and equipment in pursuing its varied research interests, and its members have written a substantial volume of detailed articles and publications explaining their work.

To further advance UWA’s advantageous position to capture a role in the huge opportunities these industries present, the UWA Centre for Energy (UWACE) will conduct research in the following areas.

Natural gas
Australia's natural gas industry has continued to expand in terms of both volumes transported and markets sold to in the past two decades.
There is a continuing need for research into the more efficient production and refining of petroleum, the most commonly used transport fuel.
Coal and biomass
Biogas and biomass each offer new ways to harness the energy from certain materials and produce fuels particularly for industrial and commercial purposes.
Marine and subsea
Deep sea environments can be very harsh and pose many challenges to floating structures such as offshore oil rigs.
Future energy
Current concerns about peak oil and greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels mean that there is a strong focus on future energy sources.
Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy research in Western Australia is leading an energy revolution which could help alleviate the global crises in resources and our future environment.  

PhD Opportunities
PhD Opportunities

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